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Washington DC , D.C.

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About Us

Anacostia Organics, the first medical cannabis dispensary East of The River will be open to patients Monday February 4th. OUR STORY Through our research of license holders and locations, we found that even though an overwhelming majority of medical marijuana card holders resided in Wards 7 and 8 at that time, there were no dispensaries located in their own communities to give them access to their medications. As well, it was discovered that there were no longtime female residents of the District of Columbia were awarded licenses for a cultivator license nor a dispensary license; only 2 people of color and only 2 women were awarded licenses out of 15 licenses granted to operate in the District of Columbia. We brought this data to the Executive Office of the Mayor and to the Council of the District of Columbia, resulting in emergency legislation to reopen the licensing process for at least one dispensary to be allowed to operate in Ward 7 or Ward 8. After a many year process, Anacostia Organics made an application and was successful in our bid. This is an important and historic day in Ward 8, Anacostia Organics is honored to have the support of our community and the leadership of our great city. As the owner and CEO, I am committed to bringing our patients access top quality medicine. This opening is also a big step to help ensure that our community will not be left behind as the cannabis industry becomes a larger source of jobs and opportunity around the nation.

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2022 Martin Luther King Jr Ave SE, Washington, DC, USA

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