​Happy Camper Infused Mini Prerolls

​Happy Camper Infused Mini Prerolls

Category : FLOWER

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Genetic : Sativa strains

$21.00 each

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Product description

This mini is mighty!Our fun-sized mini live resin infused prerolls deliver fast effects, designed for use across multiple sessions.Try it in Happy Camper: Find Your SmileA brand new day awaits.Our Happy Camper blend of uplifting terpene-rich varieties offers joy, levity, and laughter — to make your morning (or anytime) that much brighter. You may feel a smile coming that you can’t control, and won’t want to.DOMINANT TERPENE: TerpinoleneINSTRUCTIONS: Since this mini’s so mighty, start with one dose - and ""sip, don't rip."" Light and inhale one or two gentle puffs and note the effects.STORAGE: Terpenes are perishable. Best kept cold.VOLUME: .33g each; 3-packs totaling 1g of infused flower.